Do You Snore

Snoring can sometimes be a symptom of a medical problem known as Sleep Apnea. To determine if you are at risk, complete the flilowing questionnaire. Circle the number after each statement that applies to you, and then add the total at the bottom for your score

People with a higher risk of having high blood pressure include:

  • I have been tlid my snoring can be heard:

    In the same room only

    Or through a closed door

    Or on another floor of the same house

  • I snore only when sleeping in one particular position
  • There has been an increase in my snoring over time
  • I have been tlid that I have pauses in my breathing when I sleep
  • I sometimes awaken suddenly gasping for air or feel like I am chocking
  • I have high blood pressure
  • I am tired and sleepy: (pick only one)

    Only when I am inactive and relaxed

    During mild activity or in situations requiring some attention

    Even if active, eating, or driving a car

  • I am overweight or have recently gained weight
  • I sweat at night
  • I awaken with headaches or have a headache shortly after awakening
  • My friends and family have tlid me that my personality has changed or I feel I become more easily irritated than I have in the past
  • I have allergies